Dialogue is currently working on several projects, including the British premiere of Butcher, a new Canadian play by Nicolas Billon.
Butcher premiered in Alberta in 2014 and has since had six Canadian and US productions, with more in the planning. It is also being adapted into a major feature film.Butcher deals with the human fall out from civil war; the long term trauma inflicted by conflict, with vengeance versus justice.
A highly topical reflection on how emotional trauma continues once the physical atrocities in a war zone subside, this absorbing political thriller is told at breakneck speed, with hairpin plot twists and as much black comedy as harrowing imagery.

"An old man with a white beard and a Santa hat unexpectedly arrives at a Toronto police station. Rather than dropping in by way of the chimney, however, he's been abducted, drugged and dumped on the doorstep. There's also the little matter of the butcher's hook found around his neck with a sign attached to it written in an obscure language. In a beautifully judged opening scene of comic business and banter, a boorishly affable police inspector and an uptight British-born lawyer try to figure out the mystery of this visitor. The answers are as shocking and brutal as you'd expect - though "expect" is possibly not quite the right word to use in a play that confounds expectations at every turn. Opting to strap the audience in for a furiously entertaining roller-coaster ride rather than earnestly preaching to it is a gamble that pays off. The combination of scorching topicality, hairpin plot twists, claustrophobic tension and anguished meditations on justice versus revenge has certainly struck a chord. Butcher is currently enjoying four productions across Canada, with more to come further afield. Consciously modeled on Greek tragedy it yields its genuinely startling secrets, haunting images and unsettling implications in a single space and a tightly-compressed timespan. " - Montreal Gazette

"A major treat that is filled with tricks. A scary, unsettling thrill ride that might just haunt your intellect as much as it surely will your nightmares. With ingenious, jaw-dropping plot twists, Billon is questioning whether people guilty of ignominious war crimes can ever receive just punishment. Strap on your seat belts because you're in for a heck of a ride." - Calgary Sun

"Butcher quickly turns from comedic clash of characters to a serious look at ethnic conflict in a lonely police station at 3am. Every one of the play's 90 minutes was loaded with gripping suspense, philosophic themes and emotional charge." - McGill Tribune

"Billon's charged political thriller is about the shattering conflict between appearance and reality, and about how we can be suddenly caught up in the latter while blithely existing in the former. Initially funny, even relaxed, the play soon darkens as the tension ratchets up, sometimes to hold-your-breath proportions, as Billon's clever plot explores issues of justice and vengeance, the aftermath of violence, and the always thorny matter of communication. Things are so often not what they seem, helping to leave us in a place of sustained imbalance. Absorbing." - Vancouver Sun

"Nicolas Billon's Butcher is a razor-sharp play that serves up some bloody good entertainment." - NOW Toronto

"For lack of a better word, this is thrilling." - Toronto Star

"Butcher s an unflinching look at the atrocities humanity is capable of, and how we respond afterwards. Its labyrinthine turns and revelations make the 90-minute play consistently captivating." - CBCNews